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As a low-lying city-state with an open economy, Singapore is particularly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. Yet, this has provided us with many opportunities to innovate.

Discover the partnerships and the initiatives that are leveraging Singapore as a sustainability hub to address today's most pressing climate change challenges.

Singapore is a vibrant sustainable finance centre with innovative climate financing solutions and markets to support Asia’s transition to a low carbon future. The nation state seeks to lead international efforts of central banks/regulators (at NGFS) and financial institutions (GFANZ Asia Pacific Office) to support the world’s climate transition.

As part of our decarbonisation journey and overcoming energy challenges, Singapore is partnering with countries around us to decarbonise the power sector as a whole and enable the region to become a clean energy supply centre of the future.

Well-functioning international carbon markets for high quality carbon credits can advance global climate action and support higher climate ambition. Carbon credit projects also provide critical ecosystem services and enhance climate resilience.