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06 Dec Transport | Youth

SATS Sustainable Business

The SATS Sustainability Framework outlines how our response to global sustainability challenges will drive the future success of SATS as a business. At SATS, we adopt a technology-driven, people-led approach to deliver long-term value for our stakeholders. We develop innovative solutions to improve our services and find more sustainable ways to perform our business activities without depleting scarce resources. 

Our 2030 goals drive three core themes within the Sustainability Framework. These themes build upon our core competencies while being in line with Industry 4.0 and related strategies to enable industrial transformation. The three themes are:

1. Develop smart infrastructure to reduce our environmental impact;
2. Reduce and process food and packaging waste sustainably; and
3. Nurture skills for the future which enable our people and communities to fulfil their fullest potential.

We also map material topics to the UN SDGs and continually review our sustainable business strategy to improve our stewardship and reporting format.

These cut across all the ESG issues that are relevant to our business.

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