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02 Dec Nature-based Solutions

Agricultural Soil: Nature's Carbon Removal Solution

Agriculture is one of the largest contributors of CO2 emissions, accounting for around 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions. But it also represents one of the most powerful solutions to reverse the effects of climate change. Agricultural soils have the potential to sequester and store billions of tonnes of atmospheric carbon.
Coupled with correct incentives, farmers can drive climate impact through regenerative farming and protecting agricultural soils while earning additional revenue through the generation of carbon credits.
Perennial, a US-based early-stage startup, aims to reduce the lengthy and costly process of physical soil sampling by utilising AI and remote sensing to accurately quantify soil carbon sequestration in agricultural lands at scale. The vision is to unlock soil as the world's largest carbon sink by building trusted standards, tools and technologies to help verify climate-smart agriculture at a global scale.
To further scale and drive adoption of Perennial's technology, GenZero jointly invested with Temasek to enable agricultural companies to better measure and track their emissions in the food supply chain, as well as support project developers in the monitoring and verification of soil-based carbon credits.