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02 Dec Nature-based Solutions

Sylvera: Advancing Carbon Measurement to Make Real Net Zero Progress

Net zero is the world’s only plan for tackling climate change, but there's a severe lack of data about the progress against targets and the impact of actions taken. Sylvera is a leading carbon data provider on a mission to incentivise investment in real climate action. Our technology helps ensure funding is going to the projects, companies and countries having maximum climate impact. 

Investing in real climate action and making net zero progress starts at the source – better understanding how much carbon is stored in nature. We’ve pioneered the world’s most accurate measurements of above-ground biomass for forests. 

In 2022, we partnered with the Government of Mozambique through the Monitoring, Reporting and Verification Unit of the National Fund for Sustainable Development to produce a highly accurate 50,000-hectare map of the above-ground carbon stocks in Mozambique, using multi-scale lidar and machine learning. The data collection completed was equivalent to scanning 70,000 football pitches, making this the most laser-scanned forest in the world. Underpinning our proprietary measurement system, our methods are up to 13 times more accurate than conventional tape-measure-based approaches. This means that the global scientific community is significantly underestimating carbon stocks and emissions from forest loss and degradation may be far greater than what was previously estimated. 

Learn more about the project and how we collect this data on-the-ground on our website.

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