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30 Nov Pavilion Opening
HSBC x National University of Singapore, Centre for Nature-based Climate Solutions

Harnessing Technology to Improve Estimates of Forest Carbon in Singapore

There is growing recognition of the importance of nature-based climate solutions in combating climate change. Natural ecosystems, such as tropical forests, are carbon sinks and a critical habitat for biodiversity, and can help mitigate the environmental impacts of climate change. 

To make a stronger case for the conservation and implementation of nature-based solutions, more efficient and accurate measurements of the amount of carbon stored in these ecosystems are needed. However, the measurement of forest carbon stocks has been constrained by limitations in traditional forest inventory techniques and can be difficult to upscale. 

HSBC and the Centre for Nature-based Climate Solutions (CNCS) at the National University of Singapore are collaborating on an ongoing research project to overcome this. The project involves the use of remote sensing technologies to supplement traditional forest inventory techniques. Technologies such as LiDAR and satellite imagery will facilitate the monitoring of forest cover and structural characteristics at larger scales and finer temporal resolutions.

The project will focus on Singapore as a test-bedding site to develop ecosystem-specific carbon density models for different forest types, ranging from tropical rainforests to mangroves. The methodology would support further research in the region and could be scaled up for application across diverse forest types in Southeast Asia. A report will be published on CNCS's website at the end of 2023.