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02 Dec Nature-based Solutions
Climate Impact X

Climate Impact X

Climate Impact X (CIX) is a global marketplace, auctions house and exchange for trusted carbon credits. Headquartered in Singapore with offices in London, the company is jointly owned by DBS Bank, Singapore Exchange, Standard Chartered and Temasek’s decarbonisation investment platform company GenZero. 

CIX’s mission is to create real climate impact by turning trust in carbon credits into tangible and actionable outcomes. The company strives to enable the next wave of demand, bring desirable supply to market, facilitate price discovery and ultimately help to unlock liquidity through a suite of solutions underpinned by integrity. 

CIX Marketplace simplifies the carbon compensation journey for businesses just starting out by offering seamless access to curated projects, reducing frictions and supporting corporate sustainability goals. CIX Auctions is a specialised digital venue for discovering the market value of unique and desirable, newly issued credits or customised portfolios of projects. CIX Exchange enables two-way spot trading of standardised contracts and individually listed projects, concentrating liquidity and providing the market with price transparency, certainty and risk management solutions.