COP29 will be happening from 11-22 November 2024 in Baku, Azerbaijan.

Daily Exhibits

04 Dec Green and Transition Finance

Unlocking Transition Financing to Meet APAC's Sustainability Goals

MUFG firmly believes in the power of engagement in accelerating global decarbonisation. In 2022, MUFG published its inaugural Transition Whitepaper to promote greater awareness and dialogue amongst key stakeholders across government, business and the community.

The report summarised Japan's climate strategy and its potential as a blueprint for Southeast Asia's carbon neutrality ambitions. An updated report was published in 2023, providing new insights into Japan's efforts.

Leading up to COP28, we will be launching a new Whitepaper titled “Accelerating the Decarbonisation of APAC's Power Sector”.

This sister publication to our Japan Whitepaper acknowledges the outsized role that both the Asia-Pacific region and its power sector play in curbing global emissions, and highlights the decarbonisation pathways of key markets including Indonesia and Thailand.

It also takes a deep dive into the challenges confronting stakeholders in Asia's energy transition, from power companies to regulators and financiers, and posits potential "unlocks" or solutions. The Whitepaper also recommends innovative financing solutions to bridge the climate finance gap and accelerate scalability of bankable ESG solutions and technologies.

As a global leader in ESG finance, MUFG remains committed to deepening stakeholder engagement to unlock transition financing in support of Asia's sustainability goals.