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05 Dec Energy and Decarbonisation
Unravel Carbon

Decarbonising Singapore's Businesses with Speed and Scale

Unravel Carbon, an AI-powered decarbonisation platform, was selected to measure emissions for Singapore's businesses as part of a pilot program facilitated by The Association of Banks in Singapore.

The pilot involved selecting a cohort of 30 organisations across various sectors, including Fashion, Apparel, Accessories, Footwear, Built Environment & Construction, Food & Beverage, Professional Services Firms, Manufacturing, Retail Logistics, and Hospitality.

Using the submitted emissions data, the pilot project showed that we were able to measure 218,859 t CO2-e, with a breakdown of Scope 1 emissions (0.83%), Scope 2 emissions (3.52%) and Scope 3 emissions (95.6%).

One of the SMEs that went through the programme was Medialink, a Singaporean company providing printing services. According to Johnson Yau, Senior Sales & Marketing Director at Medialink: "The process we went through with Unravel Carbon has given us a significant head start, making it effortless to address sustainability inquiries."

Decarbonising the Portfolios of Asia’s Financial Institutions

Advantage Partners is a private equity investment firm headquartered in Singapore, with offices in Tokyo, Hong Kong and Shanghai. Collectively, the firm has serviced funds that have invested over US$4 billion in more than 100 companies across various sectors. Recently, the Advantage Partners Asia Fund sought to automate emissions measurement and reporting for its portfolio companies in Asia and partnered with Unravel Carbon to achieve this goal.

Unravel Carbon partnered with the Advantage Partners Asia Fund via its Portfolio Module. This feature automates the real-time measurement and tracking of emissions of a fund's portfolio companies, offering a rolled-up view of all its companies. The emissions dashboard results can be used to generate carbon reports directly, streamlining the process and ensuring accurate and timely reporting for various stakeholders, including LPs, media and employees.

Benchmarking analysis was also conducted for the portfolio companies, which compared their carbon performance against global peers. In addition, Unravel Carbon provided training to the leadership of the portfolio companies, equipping them with the skills required to advance their sustainability agenda.

Through this project, Unravel Carbon has assisted Advantage Partners in implementing their ESG strategy, which includes aligning with relevant climate change standards alongside their funds' portfolio companies.