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05 Dec Energy and Decarbonisation

For Future Generations, Towards a Net Zero World

GenZero is an investment platform company focused on accelerating decarbonisation globally. Founded by Temasek, GenZero seeks to deliver positive climate impact alongside long-term sustainable financial returns by investing in opportunities with the potential to be nurtured into impactful and scalable solutions.

Driven by a common purpose to decarbonise for future generations, GenZero recognises the need for a holistic and integrated approach to achieve a net zero world.

At GenZero, a flexible investment approach is implemented across three focus areas to drive climate impact:

  1. Nature-based solutions that help protect and restore our natural ecosystems while benefitting local communities and biodiversity;
  2. Technology-based solutions that deliver deep decarbonisation impact; and
  3. Carbon ecosystem enablers which refer to companies and solutions that support the development of an effective, efficient, and credible carbon ecosystem.