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01 Dec Resilience | Youth
Silverstrand Capital

Beyond Borders: Singapore's Global Impact on Ocean Regeneration Through Tropical Seaweed

With its power to absorb carbon, provide habitats and remediate nutrient pollution, seaweed production is one of the most promising solutions for restoring ocean and planetary health. Harvested seaweed can be used in many environmentally friendly applications, from agricultural biostimulants to biodegradable plastic alternatives. However, traditional production is limited in scale as it is labour-intensive, and seaweed degrades quickly post-harvest.

To tackle these challenges, Silverstrand Capital, a Singapore-based single-family office, first invested in Sea6 Energy in 2021. Sea6 is revolutionising seaweed production by developing innovative technologies for large-scale, sustainable and mechanised farming of seaweed. These technologies improve productivity by up to 20 times while creating new jobs for local coastal communities and improving livelihoods. Through proprietary and patented processes, Sea6 then converts seaweed into novel products such as for sustainable agricultural inputs and packaging. 

In 2023, Sea6 received a further injection of capital from investors including Silverstrand Capital to fund its R&D and expand its processing capacity. Sea6 also received a grant from Temasek Foundation to pilot a 1-square-kilometer tropical red seaweed farm in Lombok, Indonesia for climate remediation and coastal prosperity. This collaboration between different capital sources in Singapore helps grow the blue economy, fostering positive social and environmental change.

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