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09 Dec Cities | Water
Resilient Cities Network

Urban Power

Urban Power is helping cities enhance their capacity to respond to the shocks and stresses that impact their energy systems while managing the shift to an inclusive, low-carbon economy. It is a powerful driver in creating green jobs, promoting social justice and eradicating poverty.

With the support of the Global Energy Alliance for People and Planet and the S&P Global Foundation, the programme is building assessment and project development tools and working with cities to develop energy projects that help them achieve a green and just energy transition while delivering multiple resilience co-benefits. 

Through the programme, Cali, Cape Town, Lagos and Rio de Janeiro have all developed comprehensive profiles of their energy systems. Design Sprints, or intensive workshops, were held in each city to bring together urban stakeholders to design targeted solutions that respond to challenges and opportunities identified in the Urban Power Profiles. These projects, which span from municipal solar installations to loadshedding community resilience hubs, are now being further refined by city stakeholders. By the end of the programme, the projects will be brought to the pre-feasibility stage.

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