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01 Dec Resilience | Youth


The #EastCoastBeachPlan is an initiative by Seastainable that aims to tackle coastal pollution and waste management issues at East Coast Park (ECP). The initiative adopts a decentralised and community-based approach to organise beach clean-ups. With the use of an open Google document and Telegram chat with over 3,000 members, this initiative has been able to rally different communities to address environmental cleanliness at ECP.

Individuals are empowered to organise their own beach clean-ups by documenting their activities on a shared Google document or via the SG Community Clean-up Bot that has been coded specifically for the #EastCoastBeachPlan. The initiative also collaborates with the Stridy app, which allows participants to track their impact from the clean-up sessions. These different channels help organisers connect with potential volunteers and vice versa.

Since its start, this initiative has collectively managed to clear more than 20,000 kg of trash from the park and beach stretches at ECP. An estimated number of 2,000 volunteers have participated.

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