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02 Dec Nature-based Solutions
Bluesource Sustainable Forests Company

Sustainable Forest Management for Carbon Sequestration, Climate Adaptation and Biodiversity Restoration

Sustainable forestry is key to mitigating climate change. Forests help stabilise the climate by regulating ecosystems and protecting biodiversity. 

To support sustainable forest management, GenZero, a Temasek-owned investment platform company focused on accelerating global decarbonisation, invested in the Bluesource Sustainable Forests Company (BSFC) as part of a consortium led by Oak Hill Advisors. 

BSFC is a US forestland owner that develops carbon credits for the California Compliance and Voluntary Carbon Markets through improved forest management practices. It manages a timberland portfolio of 1.7 million acres primarily across the Eastern region of the US, making it the seventh-largest private forestland owner in the country. The portfolio, now valued above US$1.8 billion, also represents one of the largest private conservation-focused forest investments in US history.  

In terms of climate impact, BSFC's sustainable timberland portfolio is estimated to absorb and store tens of million tonnes of carbon dioxide. The ongoing forest management activities also yield positive social impact for surrounding communities by providing job opportunities, an enhanced quality of life and public health benefits through recreation and ecological restoration, preservation and resilience.