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Singapore Green Building Masterplan: Journey Towards Net Zero by 2050

Join Singapore on its decarbonisation journey towards net zero by 2050 with the Singapore Green Building Masterplan (SGBMP). Co-created by the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) and Singapore Green Building Council (SGBC), SGBMP aims to accelerate the adoption of green building and to mainstream Super Low Energy (SLE) buildings in Singapore's building industry.

SGBMP sets out ambitious targets for the building industry to achieve by 2030, including the "80-80-80" targets of achieving 80% green buildings in Singapore by 2030, having 80% of new developments to be SLE buildings from 2030, and with best-in-class buildings achieving at least 80% energy efficiency compared to 2005 levels. To achieve these targets, SGBMP outlines a range of initiatives to support the building industry in transitioning towards a more energy-efficient and low-carbon future.

These initiatives include raising sustainability standards by Green Mark: 2021, incentives to drive the adoption of SLE buildings and pushing the boundaries of green building technologies through research and innovation.

Overall, SGBMP represents a significant step towards a more energy-efficient built environment in Singapore and reflects the country's commitment to reducing its carbon footprint and promoting sustainable development.

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