COP29 will be happening from 11-22 November 2024 in Baku, Azerbaijan.

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More than Carbon: How the Implementation of High-integrity Article 6 Projects Could Benefit People and Planet  - 02 Dec 2023

The rise of carbon markets has led to the development of carbon-abatement projects that, if done well, could have positive benefits on the global climate. But such projects should be viewed from more than just from the carbon lens. Whether it be the protection or restoration of nature, or the provision of cookstoves to rural communities, carbon projects could provide many other positive benefits for local communities and biodiversity. This panel hopes to expound on the non-carbon benefits of Article 6 implementation projects, using examples from real-world projects across the tropics, from Southeast Asia to Africa and Latin America. Panellists will also consider the pitfalls of taking a narrow focus on carbon as the basis for the establishment of nature conservation projects. Overall, the panel aims to generate discussion on ways to connect the global benefits of climate mitigation with co-benefits, which tend to be more localised.