Explore the exhibits and programmes that were held at the Singapore Pavilion in Expo City Dubai from 30 Nov to 12 Dec 2023.

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Connecting the Little Red Dots: Singapore’s Emerging Blueprint for Future-Proof Food - 10 Dec 2023

Singapore aims to be the global R&D hub for future foods, focusing on fast innovation in a close-knitted and regulatory-forward ecosystem, in order to increase national, regional, and even global food security.
There is a dire need for food system transformation and future foods can push the boundaries of innovation, in order to feed billions. This panel will discuss how governments can play a role in accelerating the product development and scale-up of future foods to become today’s foods, through developing a conducive regulatory environment for innovation, investments in open-access R&D, and creating a close-knitted ecosystem for collaboration on top of a layer of foundational knowledge.